I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted any “sweet finds” but i wanted to share two new etsy shops that are awesome! AND they are friends from my architecture program at University of Idaho! Whoop Whoop! :)

KatieSoule is showing off her graphic design skills here: SO-any need for invites of any kind, I highly recommend her talent! :) We were in Italy together studying architecture… it’s crazy where life will take you! i love your designs Katie! too bad i’m already married ;) but for my next dinner party, i’ll think of you! ;)

Starlightbobbins has beauitful aprons. I’m very impressed with how beautiful these are. And they are reversable! :) I love them Satara. :) Your designs are great!

it’s so exciting to see some fellow architecture students designing in other ways than building. It’s crazy how versatile a design degree really is! :) It’s all about creativity.  and these two girls are making beautiful designs. :) Go check them out! :)