today’s word: drizzle.

first i drizzled the paper with water… hee hee. then just had fun sketching. actually, that was the assignment today!

 “Practice art for the simple love of art itself.” –Meagan

 so i just dreamed. :)

and then i caught up from a couple of the ones i missed:

one of the words that I have put off is “ornament”. for some reason I could not come up with something for this word. then I thought about my profession. really, if you think about it… Architecture uses a lot of “ornament” to  design and beautify buildings. (depending on what camp you’re from- some think simple is better… some use wayyyyy tooooo much ornamentation…i think there needs to be a balance…anywhoo..)

So here are my cards which show transferred pictures of  ornamented buildings :)

design includes the little details… sometimes much to my chagrin.

This one is my favorite and it scanned perfectly…

The next one however would not scan because I brilliantly placed a tile on the card which i thought would be cool… bah. not now.

i liked cutting up the pictures into pieces so it takes all the parts to make a piece.



so it took a while. but i finally finished ornament. ha. and (kinda) made it through today’s drizzle.  It’s fun to see everyone else’s submissions! they are so creative!