Today was the first day of Creative Bootcamp!  This whole experience is going to be challanging and very good for my soul :) I don’t think I’ll post all of the projects, but maybe a few just so I can hold my self accountable to actually do them ;) hee hee.

So the first day:

I love this quote that she gave us : Wisdom begins in wonder. Be as you wish to seem.” ~Socrates

  Meagan gave us a journal prompt as well as an artistic prompt. The artistic prompt word was: Ivory. The artistic prompt was supposed to inspire us to get going on an art project.

It took me allllll day to think of something to do for the word “IVORY” For some reason it was really hard! My husband suggested elephants and white ivory beaches… but i just couldn’t think of how to make those work.

So I started thinking about the “color” of ivory. What “color” is it exactly anyway?

Then I tried to paint it. It was really difficult to figure out how to make this bride have an ivory wedding dress without using the color ivory paint! It also was inspiring to think about all the colors that go into ivory to make it that pretty creamy, almost white, almost brown, almost light pink, a little bit of gray, a little bit of yellow & blue,  almost a little dirtier than white, almost perfect color :)

well. now I have a card for the next wedding I go to :)