funny story. we asked Chloe if she wanted to go out to breakfast with us (they only drove an hour and a half up to meet us) but she said, “ok, but not a cafe.” hee hee. kids say the darndest cutest things! too bad JT had his heart set on going to breakfast at Madeline’s French Cafe & Bistro in downtown Spokane… haha.

 we went out to breakfast and forgot to take a picture, so, we brought it along on our walk in the park and probably took too many. :)

the sunday morning after hanging out at that wedding we got to hang out with some really amazing people.

they are amazing friends!

ok. so we’re a little silly together. it’s the kid. she brings it all out in us ;)

i know i’ve gotten really gushy lately. but seriously. we’ve been so blessed with these great friends. and these people are wonderful.

seriously. JT and I always say how blessed we are to know Elizabeth and Levi! :)

(and of course the cutie, otherwise known as, Chloe :)

we would not have made it through that  year in Moscow without you guys! we miss you soooooooo much out here. don’t you guys want to move to Jersey? haha. just kidding. i wouldn’t let you move here even if you wanted to. it would not be good for your health. or safety. or life. pretty much wouldn’t be good for anything…


here are some of our pictures from walking around Manitou Park on the South Hill. it’s the prettiest part of Spokane! :) it was a blissful, quick, morning with friends. but it was encouraging to our souls. it meant so much to see you,  friends! love love love you guys!

(all photos taken by Elizabeth & Levi)