It’s a beautiful Friday!

Let’s talk about happy things.


  • a long walk with my good friend Jenna and our two dogs. Sweet little  Charlie & Sammie are too much fun to watch waddle-ing in front of us. He’s totally passed out right now, btw.
  • it’s Friday!
  • silly emails with my sisters :) love you two! miss you.
  • pretty fabrics from This Etsy shop -I couldn’t help it- I had to get some pretty little things for some upcoming projects… :)
  • cute little dog tags like this one
  • my new fav country song that just makes me smile because it’s so happy. It reminds me for some strange reason of my happy little sister Amy. I have no idea why. Do you missy? :) (beware-the video is a little cheesy. just let the music play and ignore that ;)
  • going mountain biking this afternoon! whoop! so excited that my husband is loving to work out this way :) hee hee. he doesn’t know he’s working out though- don’t tell him though- it’s our little secret… if he knew that it was good for him we’d probably stop going ;) hee hee. jk. sweetheart ;)
  • my lovely JBPL necklace. Remember this? the one with the random flowers? I just seem to be wearing it every freakin’ day ’cause I’m so in love :)
  • the fact that it’s gonna be 86 degrees tomorrow! whoop! love love love summer!
  • taco night & good friends :)
  • knowing that i have time to paint today! whoop!
  • things my dog does that make me laugh like this picture :)

sorry. had to throw that one in again. :) ok- enough about me. What about you? what are you happy for today?

love. kim