Do you know why the figures in my paintings don’t have facial features? Because I want their emotions to come through their actions. I want the simplicity in form. I want their situations to speak to you because they are your situations. The design isn’t about perfectly portraying one person. It’s about portraying everyone in one little image.

So Check This Out!

Alright, I know you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seat from my little hint last week… :)
Here is my new line of note cards!

They are simple, yet lovely.

I’ve taken some of my latest paintings of people, and took them to the simplest level I could and had prints of them and attached them to some pretty paper! Just perfect for you!
love you always

smile! at least your dog loves you!

a hug for you

i miss you

journey together



i thank God for you!

please look for some of the sets on my etsy site!