This is a sketchup model that I made to show the clients what their kitchen could potentially look like! It’s going to be fun, with beautiful skylights, the island got a little wider since we talked with them and there’s going to be cove lights and a couple beautiful chandiliers! This is the fun part of my job! I love how easy to use and versitile sketchup is. It may not get the best, most realistic images, but it reveals to the client exactly how their product will look in 3d.  I wish I could have made a model of the pantry because i’m really excited about how cute that is going to be too. It’s going to have chicken wire in the upper cabinets and cute little shelves all around. You get to the pantry through that pocket door you can see by the fridge. I really like the blue appliances. :) It spices things up a bit in this old colonial home.   large view 1

large view 2

large view 3